HybrIT have delivered a number of solutions for medium to large scale roll-outs of desktop and laptop deployments, replacement programes, multi unit network deployments, mobile devices, printers, to name a few.

HybrIT are aware that within most businesses the space can be a premium and having dedicated secure facilitates for large deployment projects is hard to achieve. Being able to facilitate off site imaging facilitates and storage but within a reasonable logistical distance provides a better value and more importantly, a better overall service.

We have dedicated Build areas able to image and configure large numbers of PCs or Laptops simultaneously for multiple customers. With through put potential of between 150-200 units per day depending upon the build process and image time.

Logistical Flexibility

HybrIT operate a fleet of owned vehicles, each fitted out with transportation of delicate IT hardware in mind. This investment into the business operation allows a great deal of flexibility and unique offerings as there is no reliance on couriers. There is no need to chase a courier to find out why the delivery deadline was missed or where the item is. HybrIT can contact the driver and see the status of the vehicle at any time.

Central Location and Nationwide Reach

The HybrIT facilities comprise of over 10,000 square feet warehouse style office, meeting space, workshop and storage space in the heart of England. This central location allows us to provide coverage to the entire country, no customer is too far away.


Services Features

  • Deployment services for desktops, laptops, networks

  • Imaging & config centre capable of handling 200 units per day
  • Data centre migrations, secure transit and hardware relocations via our fleet of field vehicles
  • Deployment for large scale roll-outs inc wireless & networking, end user office setups

  • Customised end user booking systems where they can select the time slot for delivery