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Whether you require the flexibility and cost efficiencies of the Cloud, security and complexity of on-premise, or unique features of a multi-tenanted contact centre, our solutions are scalable in deployment, size, & complexity.

HybrIT have decades of experience delivering Contact Centre Solutions for housing associations, banks, colleges, universities and government regulated organisations.

The role of the contact centre moving forward is beginning to change. Organisations are starting to bolster the front-end layer which allows smart streaming and triaging of customer queries at the interaction stage, based not just on the nature of the query but on information intelligently gleaned about the customer’s value to the business

Things to consider when creating your contact centre strategy:


  • How many users do you have now and how many are they likely to have in three years’ time?

  • How complex and sophisticated are the enquiries you’ll receive likely to be?

  • How geographically dispersed are you? Are you just operating in the UK? Or do you have international operations?

  • Do you generally have large seasonal peaks and troughs in demand

  • What regulations do you have to comply with?

  • How strong is your internal IT department?

  • Do you need people to be able to access their system remotely from home?

  • Do you utilise knowledge-workers and do you require skills-based routing?

  • How much more could your customers achieve through a self-service approach backed up by the right tools?

                                         HybrIT partner with Enghouse Interactive                                            to provide industry leading Contact Centre  solutions. Enghouse Interactive, whose unique approach of one size does not fit all offers choice, flexibility and scalability in deployment, size, complexity and integration to ensure successful and effortless customer interactions whatever your budget. The integrated suite of solutions include multi-channel contact centres, both inbound and outbound, self service, operator consoles, quality management and advanced integration. This enables organisations to increase revenues, reduce costs, improve call handling and retain customers. Currently Enghouse Interactive is helping more than 15,000 organisations globally to handle over 1 billion interactions across all sizes and industries.


HybrIT Contact Centre Services

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  • Experts in Teams and Skype for Business

  • Hardware Agnostic

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