Data governance can often be viewed as a headache, and when it comes to purpose built data sharing platforms like SharePoint, how do you manage where your data is and why your data is being shared at all?

Data access management is a growing problem with tools which encourage users to ‘collaborate’ and ‘share’, that have some unintended consequences for security and compliance. As access sprawls across countless files, systems, staff and external people, a business can have little control or visibility of ‘who has access to what’. This prevents a growing challenge to meet compliance demands which apply to all businesses under GDPR or Infosec standards such as ISO27001 and PCI DSS.

Many organisations are heavily invested in and have undertaken significant adoption in the world of Hybrid technology with heritage file servers, on premise SharePoint and now Microsoft 365, with SharePoint online and Microsoft Teams. It’s becoming increasingly difficult and expensive for organisations to maintain clear security boundaries, clear audit trails and accurately identifying who has access to what. Part of this challenge exists because many employers wish to allow their staff the freedom to access files and data on the move, from a variety of devices including business and personal. This freedom of data usage promotes increased productivity across the workforce, however with expanding data sprawl comes security challenges, leaving IT leaders unable to fully track data residency and access justification. For example, if a user changes role or moves departments, do they still require access to previous departmental data? Or if an employee requires access to be granted within a sensitive area, does this need to be permanent or should there be a time limit.

HybrIT offer our customers a set of tools that empower users, enabling them to collaborate more efficiently whilst implementing clearly defined, customisable security policies across their IT estate. With connectors for both traditional file servers, SharePoint, Microsoft 365 and full support for Microsoft 365 Guest Users, HybrIT can now quickly and easily control that key question of who has access to what and when, and most importantly WHY they have access.

The alignment of HybrIT and specialist platforms such as TorsionIS coupled with our outcome driven ethos, means that our client partnerships are steered by forward thinking and visionary technology adoption, all supported by an established 24x7 Service Desk operation.


Achievable Goals

  • Continuosly track access

  • Intelligent detection of anomalies & vulnerabilities

  • Work invisibly to manage user permissions

  • Strengthen compliance with GDPR & ISO 27001

  • Prove you are in control of your data

  • Empower data ownership removing all risk lying with a single person or department

  • Automation keeps overheads to a minimum and management simple