Does your workplace use Microsoft 365? Do you have sensitive company data that needs to stay contained within your organisation? Then security should be something on the top of your priorities list.

Catch threats before they disrupt your organisation, keeping your data, intellectual property and users safe from email phishing attacks and zero-day malware.

Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a cloud-based email filtering ser-vice that helps protect your organisation against unknown malware and viruses by providing robust zero-day protection and includes features to safeguard your organisation from harmful links in real time. ATP has rich reporting and URL trace capabilities that give administrators insight into the kind of attacks happening in your organisation.

Office 365 ATP can be used however your environment is deployed:


  • In an M365 ATP filtering-only scenario, ATP provides cloud-based email protection for your on-premises Exchange Server environment or any other on-premises SMTP email solution.

  • M365 ATP can be enabled to protect Exchange Online cloud-hosted mailboxes.

  • In a hybrid deployment, ATP can be configured to protect your messaging environment. It controls mail routing when you have a mix of on-premises and cloud mailboxes with Exchange Online Protection for inbound email filtering.

ATP Features

  • Anti-phishing

  • Safe attachments
  • Safe links
  • Anti-spam

  • Spoof intelligence

  • Anti-malware

Download our M365 data sheet that explains which plans you can use it with and the pricing structure, along with a side by side comparison of features. Sign up to our form and we will send you all the details.

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