HybrIT have designed and deployed a large number of SharePoint solutions for our customer, ranging from On-Premise customised sites to fully integrated Office 365 solutions, integrating with many other Microsoft apps.

SharePoint is Microsoft product that often goes underutilised, especially in the Office 365 Suite, as many organisations see its adoption as a daunting prospect. It’s a challenge to explain simply what SharePoint can do for you because it offers so much, however HybrIT are extremely experienced designing, deploying and supporting SharePoint solutions, including a deep understanding of business process and how tools such as this can introduce huge efficiencies.

SharePoint is typically used in the following areas:


  • Collaboration

  • Company Intranet

  • Document Management

  • Project Management

  • Shared Project Documentation

  • Business Intelligence

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Human Resources

  • Web Integration / External Management


“On average 2.5 hours or 30% of the workday is lost due to employees searching for information to do their jobs"

Global survey conducted online by Harris Poll.

SharePoint Online
SharePoint Online comes with a number of the Office 365 subscription licenses and it can be the centre of your organisation’s communications, document management, analysis and reporting along with so many more options.
HybrIT have delivered a number of business specific solutions to meet our clients’ requirements which have ranged from enterprise level to singe document repositories.
We utilise some of the latest technologies in order develop and implement solutions that meet your business needs. We aim to make these solutions maintainable and easy to administer and update if or when required.
Leveraging the full Office 365 stack including data loss prevention and data retention can provide security around the organisations data and help to reduce or even prevent data leaks.    

SharePoint and Microsoft Teams
SharePoint Online underpins Microsoft Teams and therefore can be leveraged to meet a whole host of different requirements for all industries. Microsoft Teams facilitates not only document management but also calling, meetings, instant messages and the ability to collaborate and communicate with external parties. This opens up a whole new way for organisations to effectively work with their customers and suppliers. However, it also raises questions regarding access control, security and versioning. HybrIT work with our customers to understand their requirements and where applicable have case studies to demonstrate previous deployments and success projects.

OneDrive for Business Migration Service
Our OneDrive for Business Migration Service enables organisations to quickly move off costly file servers hosted on premises and into Office 365. A tailored service which includes minimal impact on the business and automated communications to users to ensure everyone is kept in the loop. In order to ensure your OneDrive for Business deployment is a success we can provide training for the organisation and support through the initial stages.

SharePoint Integration
SharePoint Online and on-premise support integration with third party data sources and applications. The capabilities of SharePoint can be extended through integration with an organisation's CRM or ERP system or through leveraging Business Connectivity Services (BCS) this allows the definition of external data sources such as SQL, SAP or WCF web services.

Further capabilities can be achieved through the use of the Power Platform. Automation and data insights viewed and updated on low-code mobile applications. See Power Platform for more details (Power Platform Services).




SharePoint Healthcheck Benefits

  • Discovery – by completing an assessment of your SharePoint Online environment

  • Analysis – based on the outcome from the discovery phase

  • Action Points – highlight any areas that are causing security, usability or performance issues

  • Data Visualisation – we represent the data from your report in a visual format allowing for deep dive into key specific areas

  • Report – as part of the output you will receive a detailed report which can be used to resolve any issues and provide recommendations

HybrIT’s SharePoint Online health check provides a detailed report regarding your existing SharePoint environment and its current structure of sites, sub-sites, lists and libraries as well as permissions.

Through the unique approach of displaying our findings in a visual display this allows administrators the ability to deep dive into highlighted issues such as duplicated or dormant files and take the required action.

Microsoft best practices are always recommended, and a report is provided at the end of the engagement which includes actions points to resolve issues where a quick fix is available.  

Maintaining and cleaning your SharePoint environment not only helps with managing your data correctly but also empowers your workforce to be more efficient by keeping the most relevant data in search results and providing relevant information to do their jobs.

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