Turnkey Procurement is not just the power to buy hardware & licenses, it's creating a process to streamline procurement from order to installation, whilst not having to worry about paying inflated costs.

Lots of organisations, whether they be start-ups or sector established firms, face regular challenges involving staffing strategy, joiners movers leavers process (JML) and technology procurement. HybrIT’s approach to delivering a turnkey procurement service to our customers considers a number of areas including commercial agreements, fixed margins, resource allocation and end user satisfaction. Unlike many typical IT companies, HybrIT focus on the end result of having the new end user devices, application or software implemented in the most efficient way, ensuring little to no user disruption and not having to unnecessarily take up time from internal IT staff.

There are a number of ways in which our turnkey procurement service benefits our customers, including:

Efficient from start to finish
We have created processes that are bespoke to each customer allowing them to place an order for anything from a pre-defined standard build laptop to a complex firewall or network switch. Each item then undergoes a build process which could involve a golden image for a desktop or laptop, or a configuration for an infrastructure network device. This whole process forms part of our Managed Services and aims to be as simple and low touch for our customers as possible.

Fast quotes, fast delivery
We aim to turn around quotes for simple day to day procurement extremely fast, allowing our customers to not have to waste time comparing costs from multiple suppliers and receiving their items quickly.

Fixed margins
HybrIT work very openly with our customers, building trust centred around competitive and often cost saving commercials. Our customers don’t shop around as they know we have integrity when it comes to the margins we add to orders.


Buying Power

HybrIT's growing partnerships and vendor relationships bring additional benefits which includes further commercial discounts, bid processes and specialist procurement accreditations such as Microsoft Surface Reseller. all then commerical benefits  for these acheivementsare something our customers directly receive when they buy their hardware and software through us.


Services Features

  • Pre-Delivery Configuration and Imaging

  • Product Testing and Quality Control
  • Asset Management Service
  • Standardise Equipment Orders

  • Customised CSP Licensing Portal and Simplified Billing Platform

  • Dedicated HybrIT build centre and staging environment (Pictured below)

HybrIT Config and Build Centre