Transformation in your organisation can come in the form of a shift, realignment or fundamental change, all of which should align with long term strategic goals. HybrIT deliver transformations weekly as a core part of our services.

There are several reasons why an organisation would consider a transformation, this could be new desired technologies, shifts within your sector, cost efficiencies or even company mergers & acquisitions. A transformation can involve the whole organisation and every member of staff so it’s vital to engage with an IT partner who has first hand experience on managing such critical changes.

Transformations can usually be broken down into three main types:

Primary infrastructure
Due to the lifecycle of your existing infrastructure, you may have reached a point where you are proactively seeking to engage your IT partner to explore the next steps or where your technology roadmap should lead.

You may be changing the way you operate, through application delivery for example, thus pushing your existing IT systems to the limit. your staff are a critical part of your business engine, and if given the tools they need to be more efficient and productive, the benefits are potentially huge.

You may have an infrastructure that’s been built historically around an old strategy that needs updating. But with new strategy comes a new way of doing things, engage with an IT partner like HybrIT who will deliver the new technology whilst embracing your heritage IT systems.


Transformation Benefits

  • Increase agility and innovation

  • Encourages more effective collaboration

  • Fosters a digital culture

  • Embraces flexible working

  • Increases productivity levels

  • Reduced support overhead

  • Digitisation of core business operations

  • Manage resources more effectively

  • Improve security and reduce threats

  • Expand IT internationally

  • Simplify acquistions and mergers

       Projects delivered:

  • Private Cloud Infrastructure

  • Public Cloud Infrastructure (Azure, AWS)


  • Modern Workplace

  • Office / Microsoft 365 Adoption

  • Unified Comms

  • Collaboration

  • Connectivity

  • Networks, LAN, WAN, WiFi

  • Cyber Security

  • Data Protection


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