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Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams adoption experts

HybrIT have a huge amount of experience helping our customers adopt Microsoft Teams and integrate its many benefits into day to day operations. From IM to Voice, we have bespoke solutions to help increase business productivity.

A single pane of glass for your Team

Office 365 is a product that many are familiar with, Microsoft have been expanding the online suite of products and making huge improvements. Whilst there are product plans that encompass more overall business functions such as security and endpoint management, Microsoft Teams is a product that has quickly gathered pace and is now the first choice for many organisations to use for communication.

However, many organisations are not fully utlising some of the products in the 365 suite, including Microsoft Teams. 

Foster team collaboration

First and foremost, Teams is an effective collaboration tool. Whilst many are used to the idea of an instant messaging app, like Skype and Skype for Business, Slack and others, Microsoft have created a platform that goes way beyond IM and presence. Collaboration features currently include:

Microsoft Teams on a laptop and phone

Microsoft Teams benefits

  • Enriched communication.

  • Increased transparency.

  • App integration such as SharePoint and PowerBI.

  • Voice capable platform with HybrIT voice services.

  • Multi device compatible.

  • Familiar user interface.

Information sharing, all in one location

Team members can easily collaborate and co-author via a highly visible central location where all files and notes are stored. Application integration also integrates external information into this workspace and facilitates conversations around your line of work, cross platform.

Flexible messaging and meetings
Team conversations can be visible to all members, prompting quick responses and collaboration. The integration with Skype for Business enables chat, voice or video communications with one or multiple team members.

Integration with SharePoint and Power Platform
Some of the lesser known features of Teams are how well it integrates into solutions such as SharePoint and the Microsoft Power Platform (PowerBI, Dynamics etc.). You can use Teams to access a whole range of information from different platforms, all whilst logged into a single pane of glass.

Microsoft Teams Voice as a Service Logo

Replace your phone system with Teams

Calling plans from HybrIT enable you to make phone calls from your Teams client, cutting costs and complexity.

Man dialling phone number

Talk to a Microsoft Teams expert

Ready to maximise collaboration with Microsoft Teams? We have subject matter experts ready to help. Book a 30-minute introductory meeting with our team at a time that suits you.

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