With such a huge increase for wireless performance, technology has to be up to the task, dealing with an exploding market of IoT devices, mobile device usage and network demands to put any WiFi solution through its paces.

Wireless technology is adapting and evolving at such an incredible pace. The way is which users consume network bandwidth is constantly on the rise, with multiple digital trends presenting a number of challenges to IT leaders, trying to keep up and deliver reliable WiFi performance and a happy end user experience. Some of the trends presenting these challenges include:

IoT (Internet of things)
Going beyond the traditional laptop and mobile phone, WiFi is now expected to connect a sea of connected smart devices. Whilst the consumer market is clearly flooded with gadgets that connect to the internet, it’s the corporate environment that sees partners such as HybrIT working with customer to design, implement and support solutions which are future proof and advanced enough to cope with future demand. If you simply count and report on the number of wireless devices within your organisations, it’s staggering to see how many devices need connectivity.

With government backed initiatives to increase the UK’s internet speeds, this breeds expectation for super-fast connectivity, both in the home and in working life. In fact, the user’s experience at home directly creates a level of expectation which they then transfer to their employers’ network. This perception relates to not only the device they are using but also the IT services and applications they operate with every day. If these key components are lacking in any way, it can hamper workforce productivity levels. This is why network and wireless specialists like HybrIT should be consulted when considering the future of your network.

Last but not least, as most people know, is security. The threat landscape grows ever more complex and we witness increasingly comprehensive attacks on todays modern networks. Wireless technology is simply another method in which intruders may use to try and penerate your network, to steal data, plant viruses or cause general operation disruption. In today’s IT world, it’s not just high performing equipment that’s needed, it’s careful consideration and design for networks taking into consideration specific needs, such as a public network, large scale usage such as further education and heavily audited security sector demands.



WiFi Solutions

  • Wireless Audits and Surveys

  • Deep Network Security Knowledge

  • Full design and end-to-end delivery

  • Fluent in modern technology including WiFi 6 mesh solutions

  • Experience Retail, Corporate and Education

  • Manufacturer Agnostic

  • Cabling Infrastructure can also be delivered