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What is a co-managed IT service?

A co-managed IT service is designed to work alongside your existing IT team. HybrIT can deliver specific services via our first, second and third line Service Desk Analysts, including or out-of-hours support.

HybrIT's service in harmony with yours

We believe the IT Team are the backbone of any modern business, whether that be a 500 or 5,000 users. The IT team shoulder the responsibility for keeping essential business systems running and dealing with issues when things inevitably go wrong. In our experience, the important members that make up an IT team collectively possess a wide range of skills and experience, however it’s impossible for them to know everything. Often, a shortage or gaps in the skills matrix can result in the IT department not being able to fully offer the best experience to end users, potentially having a negative effect on productivity.

HybrIT recognise that organisations often look to outsource specific parts of their IT service delivery in order to be able to deliver a first-class service to their end users. This outsourced function can be delivered a number of ways:


First line support

Using HybrIT as single point of contact for all end users, allowing us to triage incidents, provide a first time fix or escalate accordingly to senior analysts or third parties. This allows HybrIT to ensure all your users experience a slick and well organised support service.

Second and third line support
This is a popular service with internal IT teams where HybrIT provide an escalation service. An example model would have the 1st line service consumption flow through an internal team within a customer’s organisation, but when incidents need resolving by a 2nd or 3rd line senior resource, HybrIT would act as a resolver. This is especially useful when you operate your IT using multiple complex technologies and struggle to cover all skills gaps with your existing staff.

24x7 and out-of-hours support
HybrIT support many international businesses by helping their users directly or maintaining uptime on their infrastructure. Having a 24x7x365 Service Desk operation we are able to ensure that IT services are delivered regardless of the time of day.

HybrIT office staff

Service features

  • First, second or third line bespoke Service Desk Support.

  • 24x7x365 around the clock support available.

  • Fully ITIL and ISO 27001 governed service function.

  • Link project delivery with service take-on.

  • Expertise from senior industry experts in a wide range of technologies.

  • Utilise third line escalation for complex issues.

  • Recovered productivity freeing up your IT team's time to focus on internal tasks.

Customer testimonial

Customer testimonial
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Caught your attention?

Think a co-managed IT service from HybrIT is right for your business? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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