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IT Sourcing

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The smarter way to buy devices

Our Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering provides organisations with a comprehensive solution for managing end-user devices, such as laptops, desktops, and tablets. Instead of purchasing devices outright, you lease them from HybrIT on a subscription basis, allowing for a more flexible and scalable approach to managing your IT assets.

More than just a lease

Device-as-a-service from HybrIT offers much more than just spreading the cost of buying new hardware. It provides a holistic solution for managing devices, offering financial flexibility, scalability, and a range of services that allow organisations to focus on their core business objectives.

Cost predictability

DaaS provides a predictable cost structure, making budgeting and financial planning more straightforward. Avoid large upfront capital expenditures and instead pay a predictable monthly fee.

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Support and maintenance

You can choose to include support and maintenance services, such as troubleshooting, repairs, and replacements. This can help you minimise downtime and ensure that your users have reliable access to their devices.


Technology standardisation

Standardise your technology infrastructure, ensuring that all users have access to a consistent set of devices and configurations. This can lead to improved efficiency and easier IT management.



Scale your device deployments up or down easily. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for businesses with fluctuating workforce sizes or changing technology needs.

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Security and compliance

We include security features and compliance measures as part of our service. This helps you meet regulatory requirements and enhance your overall cybersecurity posture.

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Remote management

With the increasing trend of remote work, we offer tools and services that facilitate remote device management, making it easier for IT teams to support a distributed workforce.

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Lifecycle management

We handle the entire device lifecycle, from procurement to deployment, maintenance, and eventually retirement. This reduces the administrative burden on your IT team and ensures that devices are properly managed throughout their lifecycle.

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Focus on core competencies

By outsourcing device management to HybrIT, you can free up internal resources to focus on core business activities rather than dealing with the complexities of device procurement, management, and maintenance.


Environmental sustainability

HybrIT can include carbon offsetting through our partner Tree Nation, along with responsible device disposal and recycling to ensure that you can meet your sustainability goals.

Flexible hardware choices

HybrIT work with leading hardware manufacturers including Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, and Dell. We work with you to understand your workforce and identify the most suitable manufacturer for your needs. We can then help design devices for different types of users, ensuring you have the right processor, memory, and storage capacities so your workforce have the necessary tools to be productive.

We then look to see what accessories your team need and align it all to a monthly cost model that incorporates the hardware costs and wrap around services you need.



We're a Gold Surface Partner that offers a fully bespoke and highly efficient procurement process supported by automated configuration and deployment, so that you can deliver new Surface equipment to your end users with ease.

Staging and deployment

HybrIT’s Build Centre is capable of  deploying large numbers of devices to end users with a capacity of 200 devices per day. We take advantage of tools such as Intune and Autopilot, which guarantees a smooth process for end users, ensuring a positive perception of IT Service delivery within your organisation.

With the added use of the Microsoft Power Platform, we can even present a self-service replacement programme for eligible end users, reducing overall click-to-desk time. Once the user has chosen their delivery slot, they will receive a brand new device from your stock, which then fully configures and deploys itself, with all critical applications, policies and data.

Ongoing support

Our support models can be designed around your existing IT service delivery model. You may have a desktop support team and wish to simply purchase and deploy new machines or, like many clients, you may wish to take advantage of HybrIT’s Managed Services team, providing direct support for every user, wherever they happen to work from. There is no single model that will work for every organisation, so we can spend time understanding how to deliver the right service for you, concentrating keeping end user productivity levels to a high level.

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Caught your attention?

Looking for a flexible Device-as-a-Service that's tailored to your needs? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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