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What is a fully outsourced IT service?

Fully outsourced IT services deliver all encompassing support to your organisation when you do not have an internal IT support team. HybrIT will fully support every member of staff and manage all your technology.

An IT partner that understands you

HybrIT Services offer a comprehensive IT support service, including a fully managed IT environment and access to trusted advisors for all IT matters. This ensures ongoing management support for making IT-based decisions that benefit the overall business, providing peace of mind.

For small to medium-sized customers, our goal is to simplify the process of engaging technology companies, allowing them to focus on their core services rather than the operational infrastructure. This reduces management overhead, provides better value, and an overall better service.

Traditional supply models for small businesses involve engaging with five or six different companies for various IT aspects, from internet and voice, to software subscriptions and support. This leads to confusion and complications with monthly invoices and contracts, with each party potentially pointing fingers during problem resolution. Our model consolidates the supply chain, simplifying all aspects of IT through a single source.

ISO 27001-2013 Badge

Having the ISO 27001 certification shows the HybrIT commitment to data security ensuring that adequate security controls are in place to protect information and data from being accessed, corrupted, lost or stolen.


ITIL facilitates improvement to IT business processes, utilising ITIL HybrIT and its customers are able to;


  • Improve resource utilisation

  • Decrease rework

  • Improve upon project deliverables and time

  • Improve availability, reliability and security of mission critical IT services

  • Justify the cost of service quality

  • Provide services that meet business, customer and user demands

  • Integrate central processes

  • Document and communicate roles and responsibilities in service provision

  • Learn from previous experience

  • Provide demonstrable performance indicators

HybrIT Staff

Service features

  • Single point of contact for all IT related services:

    • SLA based response and resolution for HybrIT ‘owned services and supported devices.

    • Third party management for non-core services.

  • Proactive device management:

    • Systems updates.

    • Antivirus and threat alert mitigation.

    • Fault resolution.

  • Full systems monitoring:

    • Server – uptime, capacity, key services.

    • Network – uptime, connectivity, quality.

  • Full tracking of all incidents and service requests with a unique ID incident logged with access via:

    • Telephone contact centre

    • Email

    • Customer portal

  • ITIL based Service Desk processes:

    • Incident Management

    • Change Management

    • Problem Management

    • Config Management

    • Continual Service Improvement

    • Availability Management

    • Release Management

  • Strategic guidance and assistance via virtual IT management.

Customer testimonial

Customer testimonial
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Caught your attention?

Think a fully managed IT service from HybrIT is right for your business? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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