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Multiple specialisms in a large team

Our Fulfilment Service is designed to allow our customers, whether they be from the IT Channel or direct, to utilise our large talent pool of over 200 technical IT professional associates, with skills in pretty much every technology.

HybrIT's highly skilled talent pool

With the changing pace of technology today, companies have multiple technical resource needs for both their business as usual (BAU) and IT transformation projects. This is achieved cost-effectively by moving towards a flexible resourcing solution. It makes good business sense to scale to requirements around a core group of permanent employees with an occasional and reliable workforce of associates.

Supporting our in house team, HybrIT have around 200 associates, from enterprise solution architects and senior programme managers through to desktop support technicians and project coordinators. Wherever there is a gap in your IT project delivery or BAU requirement we can fill it. Not with a market sought subcontractor, but with tried and tested professional individuals we have worked with over many years.

Specific skills

Where supplementary skills are required but there is insufficient time to train permanent staff, Associate Resource can be engaged to fill the skills gap.

Guaranteed quality and reliability

All HybrIT resources are tried and tested, CRB background checked and flexible to requirements.

Reduced employer responsibility

The client has little employment responsibilities towards the associate and their consequential legal employment obligations and social welfare.

Knowledge handover

It is advantageous to engage specially skilled associates to implement new technologies before handing over to permanent staff to carry on with the maintenance and enhancement.

Cost efficient

The cost of hiring, redundancy, management, training, sickness, holiday, National Insurance etc. is often cheaper than the cost of a permanent employee.

HybrIT Staff using meeting pod

Fulfilment benefits

  • 200+ highly skilled technical associates

  • Scaled commercial models and rate cards to suit your requirements

  • Proven track record with channel and direct customers

  • Fast turn around of project resource

  • Flexible options to fill skills gaps

  • Competitive rates for labour intensive workloads

Man dialling phone number

Caught your attention?

Looking for some help with your IT projects and think HybrIT is the right fit for your business? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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