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Managed Services

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What is a monitoring service?

Monitoring your infrastructure, technology and other essential IT services is critical to maintaining business uptime and high levels of productivity. HybrIT have invested in leading monitoring tools so you don't have to.

It's not just about having the tools, it's using them effectively

An infrastructure that never goes down, a service that never fails, a problem that is solved proactively. These are some of the most important things that an IT Manager wishes for their own infrastructure, however, it takes a lot of work to get your systems to a point where you can comfortably achieve these things. Whilst you can invest heavily in the latest technology with the latest hardware or even modern cloud services, there are still issues that can be resolved by implementing a comprehensive monitoring solution.

HybrIT pride themselves in having invested in the industry’s leading products and tools, allowing us to deliver a proactive service to our clients and enabling them to benefit from this service without significant upfront cost.

24x7x365 infrastructure and network monitoring is a simple way to ensure that your IT service team has instant insight and awareness of any potential critical changes to your IT systems, thus enabling them to resolve any issues before they develop into something far more detrimental to business continuity and work productivity. The performance insights that HybrIT provides are completely tailored to each customer, creating bespoke rules and scripts which automate certain actions, reducing the wasted time that can be spent conducting daily housekeeping tasks.

Many IT support providers have monitoring tools in place but it is our belief that it’s not just having the tools that’s important, it’s having the time and effort invested in these tools to create a tailored early warning system for your specific infrastructure, eliminating the chances or a critical issue going unnoticed.

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Service features

View your entire network, systems and applicationss in a single solution covering:

  • Performance and availability.

  • Hardware and applications.

  • Virtual environments, email, web, storage, printers.

  • Multi-site setups.


Rapid installation and setup:

  • Experienced setup with auto-discovery.

  • Pre-defined sensors/ checks for common devices.

  • Comprehensive and Co-Managed alerts.

Configured exactly for your IT systems:

  • API and custom sensors for easy integration of custom devices and applications.

  • Create multi-layer custom dashboards.

  • Select from multiple GUIs: browser,  Desktop app for Windows and macOS, or mobile apps for iOS and Android.

  • Customizable web interface, reports, notifications, etc.

Avoid unexpected bills for problems that could have been avoided

A 2019 study revealed 80% of IT infrastructure or network failures in the UK could have been avoided if the correct monitoring had been in place and the right people notified.

Operational IT disruption has a massive impact on organisations who rely so much on these systems being available. HybrIT have and continue to invest in the monitoring tools and methodology we have in place with our customers, through regular proactive maintenance, problem management and risk analysis, we ensure only the very highest levels of uptime.

HybrIT have onboarded many clients who have been historically penalised financially by their IT partner for high levels of service consumption, which could have been avoided if the correct monitoring had been in place and their partner had adopted an ITIL best practice approach to problem management. The problem management methodology that HybrIT use on a daily basis helps us to make sure our customers don’t experience repeat issues, this in turn improves the service delivery to the end user and avoids any unexpected costly bills for over usage.

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Caught your attention?

Think an IT monitoring service from HybrIT is right for your business? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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