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In the modern work era, flexibility, empowerment, and resilience shape our success. Technology can bridge the gap between collaboration and innovation, while elevating employee experiences.

As the work landscape evolves, so do the roles of IT decision-makers and CIOs. This e­-book acts as a trusted guide to help navigate new ways to create better employee experiences with the right device choice.

Discover how Microsoft Surface can ignite collaboration, boost productivity, and foster resilience. Explore insights on:

  • What employees expect for the future of work.

  • Technology considerations to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

  • Strategies for overcoming technology adoption and challenges.

  • Empowering your workforce with the right devices.

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This e-book is for IT decision-makers and CIOs looking to navigate the modern work landscape to elevate employee experiences through technology. Whether you're trying to solve flexible work challenges, embrace digital transformation, or rethinking productivity and collaboration, this e-book provides valuable insights and strategies.

Discover how the right device choice and modern technology enhance day-to-day productivity, while empowering future-forward innovation.

Changing workflows and digital debt are impacting the employee experience.


don't have enough uninterrupted focus time during the workday.



struggle with having the time and energy to do their job.



struggle with too much time spent searching for information in their workday.


Organisations are looking to invest in elevated employee experiences that foster agility, productivity, collaboration, and business resilience.

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Elevating ability

Empower resilience and innovation by putting people at the centre. Elevate focus and flow and leverage next-gen technology for enhanced productivity, versatility, and collaboration.

Unlocking potential

Whether you're testing a new strategy or aiming for ambitious growth, modern devices can help your business meet the needs of the moment, respond to market changes, and unlock future potential.

Modernising work

Provide seamless user experiences that meet your employees' diverse needs across dispersed workspaces. Achieve a balance between security, value, and adaptable technology.



We're a Gold Surface Partner that offers a fully bespoke and highly efficient procurement process supported by automated configuration and deployment, so that you can deliver new Surface equipment to your end users with ease.

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