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COVID Test Reporting using Power Apps

Like many organisations across the planet HybrIT Services has been getting ready for new working arrangements post the most recent lockdown.

Along with schools and other businesses the organisation cares about the welfare of both staff and visitors to our site in Weedon Bec, Northamptonshire. To this end we require all staff that are working on site to participate in lateral flow testing.

Whilst the tests themselves are simple enough HybrIT wanted to go a stage further to ensure that we record our tests internally, and given that we are a Power Platform Microsoft Practice, among many other things, it seemed only right that we should put together a simple app to assist our oversight in this area.

User Stories

The user stories for the app were as follows:-

As an Employee I want to be able to record that I have taken a lateral flow test so that the company can be satisfied that I do not present a COVID risk to other team members

  • As an Employee I want to be able to remind myself as to whether I need to take another test

  • As a manager/director I want to be able to verify very quickly that all members of staff have taken a recent lateral flow test.

Roughly speaking this is a straightforward app with a small number of screens. There are only 5 screens in total

  • Welcome

    • A simple welcome screen

  • Results Screen

    • Where we see all results, filtered according to our needs

  • New Submission Screen

    • Where employees confirm flow test results

  • Submission Success screen

    • To give a better user experience when a submission has been made

  • Mail Screen

    • Effectively a future proofing screen should we wish to add mailing functionality at a later date


From a data perspective this is a very simple arrangement with a just 1 table that records all submissions. Users can submit as many as they wish, however as we filter on the date that the test was taken on in the review screen the managers will only see tests taken in the last 2 days.

Consequently this app can be set up so that it uses Sharepoint, SQL, Dataverse, Dataverse for Teams, or any of the many data sources available using the Power Platform connections.

Submitting a test

This is easier to explain by way of a demonstration.

Check out this video below.

The Power Platform

Whilst this app is built over Power Apps, this is just one part of the Power Platform family of products. If you would like to find out more please contact us here on 0333 015 6701 or at


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