Digital Workplace – Overcoming Security Challenges & Concerns with Microsoft 365

Organisations are constantly looking for solutions and concepts that can empower employees, enable teamwork, and transform how their organisation competes, complies with regulations, and deliver the best customer experiences. Keeping employees engaged is just one of the challenges for any organisation, but with further adoption of technology through mobile access, multi-device policies and cloud services consumption, security and protection of data has become a very complex and a daunting reality for many organisations.

This article explores how the workplace is evolving, the security requirement that comes with it, and how embracing Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions such as M365 and Azure suites provide modern solutions to help combat these very real issues.

The Ever-Evolving Workplace

Digital technologies are fundamentally reshaping user demand, how they operate every day and the competitive dynamics across all industry sectors. At the same time, these digital innovations are restructuring the end-to-end user journey and the experience they expect. Winning organisations are adapting quickly to digital challenges by redefining the user experience and employee empowerment strategies, rethinking their operating models, and reimagining existing business models to exceed expectations. The UK industry landscape will be disrupted further by new user and employee expectations, rising operational costs, threats of new market disruptors/entrants, and an evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Success requires delivering a modern workplace designed to meet evolving employee expectations, connect and empower all employees, and manage an increasingly complex digital landscape. A truly modern workplace provides solutions that allow all employees to work better together to confidently achieve results, delight their customers, and make more valuable contributions to the bottom line.

The workplace and the way people work are changing:

  • Employees must be agile and innovative in delivering superior business experiences, so they can increase customer loyalty, market share and revenue.

  • Attracting and retaining the right talent requires a modern workplace that equips teams with a clear purpose, supports teamwork, and enables productivity.

  • Intelligent processes help improve business management for greater efficiency, agility, and customer satisfaction.

  • Employees need new tools and quicker access to data to make decisions quickly, capture emerging markets, and unlock new opportunities.

Microsoft 365 – The World’s Productivity Cloud

Within Microsoft 365, there are three core scenarios that illustrate how the underlying technology comes to life in valuable ways:

  • Connected experiences enable the ability to flexibly work and collaborate with colleagues, and help us be more productive with intelligence.

  • Integrated workflow transforms business processes with modern tools that bring line of business systems together and accelerate the flow of information.

  • And intelligent security, which harnesses the power of AI to protect assets compliantly and to guard against modern threats – all without hindering productivity.

The intelligent, connected cloud introduces both opportunity and risk

Technology has changed how we do business. As organisations embrace the opportunities presented by cloud, connecting with customers, and optimising operations, they take on new risks:

  • Almost all companies have embraced the cloud at some level.

  • Traditional IT boundaries are disappearing. Users are increasingly mobile, making it harder to secure user credentials.

  • Businesses are leveraging applications and cloud storage to work smarter, but that causes challenges for IT security, because hackers are increasingly attacking through shadow IT.

  • Adding to this pressure, the quantity of data is growing exponentially and shared broadly. CISOs are challenged keep data safe and compliant with privacy regulations across hybrid cloud and on-premises networks, cloud apps and personal mobile devices.

  • One of the biggest challenges in digital transformation is ensuring security across the entire digital landscape, without reducing end-user productivity. Today, protecting company assets requires a new approach.

The best of breed model is broken

The realities of digital transformation, the increased sophistication and motivation of hackers, and the shortage of qualified security talent have put organisations now in the middle of a perfect storm.

Given these pressures, how do organisations respond today?

They typically layer point-solution after point-solution onto their security. This is complicated, and can get messy.

In fact, continually layering ‘best of breed’ point solutions to address emerging security needs has caused enterprise security to breakdown:

  • Tools are not integrated because it’s too expensive and complex. This creates gaps in visibility.

  • There are more alerts to triage than a typical sized team can handle.

  • Retraining the SecOps team on new tools is a constant challenge.

  • Lastly, this complexity, across both end user experience and IT management, significantly impedes productivity.