Microsoft SharePoint - Get the most out of your Office 365 Investment

Like many organisations, you may find you have heavily invested in Microsoft products such as the Microsoft Office 365 Suite, including SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive for Business, however like many you may not be fully utilising these services, but still paying for them as part of a subscription model.

One of HybrIT’s areas of specialisms is Cloud Solutions, of which this article briefly focuses on Microsoft SharePoint.

HybrIT have delivered a large number of SharePoint solutions both online (O365) and on-premise, our customers come from sectors such as defence, banking, public sector and private sector. This broad range of customers have presented many different challenges surrounding security, data protection and business process.

Why use SharePoint?

It is essential to understand why you would even use SharePoint in the first place. There are multiple benefits to using it but it’s crucial to agree how it would fit into your organisation and your existing IT infrastructure. Some of the great benefits of SharePoint include:

Collaboration – Store and easily access crucial information in a single placeSecurity – Like the extended Office 365 suite, SharePoint provides granular security and access controlCompliance – Track and audit where your data residesCommunicate – Keep your employees up to date with a great looking and informative intranet.

SharePoint Health Check

Whether you wish to migrate an existing SharePoint solution to the cloud, or you are starting out for the first time and need assistance, a SharePoint Health Check can help you uncover what would be required to complete a new migration, or just understand the first steps to building a new intranet and file sharing structure from scratch.

At HybrIT, we conduct these Health Checks regularly, creating detailed reports on existing data structure, security flaws and risks, plus recommendations to bring deployment in line with best practice & compliance (e.g GDPR).

SharePoint Support

Perhaps you have SharePoint already and need some expert advice on how to add apps, improve automation, or you just have a problem that you can’t fix. We offer ongoing support for SharePoint through a Managed Service or you can simply purchase a few days of resource for one of our SharePoint Experts.

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