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Microsoft Teams Rooms: Getting the hybrid meeting experience right is easier than ever before

What is a Microsoft Teams Room?

A Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) is an advanced collaboration solution designed to enhance communication and productivity in modern workplaces. It combines specialized hardware, like cameras, speakers, and displays, with Microsoft Teams software, enabling seamless video conferencing, content sharing, and virtual meetings. These purpose-built rooms offer a user-friendly and integrated experience, fostering effective communication and collaboration among team members, whether they are in the same office or dispersed across different locations.

Steep video conferencing costs are a thing of the past

In the past, traditional video conferencing systems were not only expensive to set up, but also resulted in a subpar end-user experience. Initiating a meeting often required IT intervention because connecting laptops or other devices to the system was a cumbersome process, causing delays and frustration. These drawbacks hindered smooth communication, impeding collaboration among team members.

However, with the advent of advanced solutions like Microsoft Teams Rooms organisations can now benefit from cost-effective, user-friendly, and seamlessly integrated conferencing experiences. Importantly there are highly affordable options which can be implemented incrementally without breaking the bank. The versatility of devices ensures that even lower-end equipment can deliver the necessary features with ease. Room systems are available for as little as a few hundred pounds, requiring minimal installation effort. For larger boardrooms, more sophisticated solutions are available, but costs remain reasonable, typically in the low thousands. Scoping a solution is a breeze, and HybrIT makes it even simpler by providing budget estimates based on room layout and the number of participants.

How easy is it to use a Microsoft Teams Room?

Microsoft Teams Room Systems are designed for effortless usability, allowing end users to join or initiate meetings with a single button press, eliminating the need to call for IT assistance. This user-friendly experience stems from the seamless integration of purpose-built hardware and Microsoft Teams software. With intuitive interfaces and simplified controls, participants can focus on collaboration rather than grappling with technical complexities. This streamlined approach ensures that anyone can easily navigate the system, leading to efficient meetings and enhanced productivity without requiring constant IT support.

What equipment do you need in a Microsoft Teams Room?

Microsoft Teams Room solutions can be customized to fit different room sizes and collaboration needs. Depending on the room's complexity and requirements, additional accessories like HDMI extenders, room sensors, or interactive displays may be included to enhance the overall meeting experience.

To set up a Microsoft Teams Room, you will need the following equipment / services:

  • Display Screen: A high-definition display screen or TV to show video feeds, presentations, and content during meetings.

  • Computer / Console: A dedicated computer or Teams Room console running the Microsoft Teams Room application to manage the room's collaboration functions.

  • Camera: A high-quality camera that captures clear video of meeting participants.

  • Audio Devices: Microphones and speakers or speakerphones to ensure clear audio during meetings.

  • Touch Panel or Controller: A touch panel or a dedicated controller device to manage meeting controls, such as joining or starting meetings, adjusting volume, and sharing content.

  • Cables: Various cables to connect the computer, camera, and audio devices to the display screen and power sources.

  • Internet Connection: A stable and reliable internet connection to support video conferencing and online collaboration.

HybrIT takes a vendor-agnostic approach to hardware, offering diverse solutions tailored to each customer's needs. With expertise in equipment from various brands like Microsoft Surface Hub, Yealink, Poly, HP, Owl Labs, Audiocodes, Kandao, and more, we prioritize delivering the best advice and solutions without being tied to specific vendor partnerships. Our focus is solely on meeting our customers' requirements with the most suitable and efficient collaboration solutions available.

Let us design your Teams Meeting Room

At HybrIT, we provide budgetary pricing for meeting spaces, enabling us to offer informed advice on the ideal Microsoft Meeting Room solution for your specific needs. Understanding your budget allows us to recommend the most suitable and cost-effective options, ensuring you get the perfect collaboration setup tailored to your requirements.


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