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Middlesbrough College Partner with HybrIT to Address Digital Poverty

We are delighted to share a case study in the Education sector, in which HybrIT takes technology beyond the typical boundaries of IT environments in further education.

Middlesbrough College, one of the largest colleges in the country, are implementing a major phase of their digital learning strategy by supplying over 4500 students with a new laptop and an internet connection at home. This initiative, backed by the local government, will address digital poverty locally and the surrounding areas, further enhancing the students’ learning and development.

Read more through our summary PDF document, should you wish to understand how HybrIT delivered modern learning solution with Microsoft Surface & Azure Virtual Desktop, our Cloud team would be happy to speak with you, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Client Case Study - Middlesbrough College - Microsoft Surface & Azure Virtual Desktop
Download PDF • 591KB


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