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Power BI

Power BI, is the oldest of the Power Platform family. If you just want to create your own dashboards or if you want to display information on screens in your office, it is all possible with Power BI.

Why Power BI and HybrIT?

Data is everywhere, but what do you do with all your data? Are you able to turn your data into information?

Have you created your own Power BI dashboards, but they just don’t have the wow factor that you would like them to have?

This is where HybrIT comes in.

Your data could be stored wherever you have the data stored currently. Your data might even be stored across multiple applications and then you start Power BI Desktop and where do you go now?

power bi

The steps from that opening screen to that dashboard that you have been thinking about can require a large learning curve.

How to get started with Power BI?

Do you have time for that learning curve? Do you want to speed up that learning curve? We have already done that for you.

Please contact us and we can get you up to speed, or we could deliver that all critical Power BI dashboard for you.

More Power Platform and HybrIT posts

If you need any expert help to get your organisation into the world of superpower then please contact HybrIT today or register for one of our Power in a Day sessions!

HybrIT deliver a wide range of Power Platform Services through our experts such as Pieter Veenstra, who operates a more comprehensive blog called SharePains.


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