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Microsoft Power Platform

The Power Platform can help you develop your own apps, business processes and dashboards without any real coding skills.

What is the Power Platform?

The Power Platform is a collection of low code tools that is aimed at business users. It helps business users to develop their own business applications, business processes, analytical dashboards and bots.

The four areas within the Power Platform are:

  • Power Apps

  • Power Automate

  • Power BI

  • Power Virtual Agents

Power Apps, gives you a low-code development environment to develop your own apps. No need to purchase licences for 20 applications across your business, just licences for Power Apps will give you what you need to build your own apps, which you can use on your Mobile, in SharePoint or in Microsoft Teams.

Power Automate is a great tool to develop your business processes within an easy to use graphical interface. With over 370 connectors you can connect to most of your data stored in your existing systems. For all the other data sources developing custom connectors is something that can be done without any major coding skills as well.

Power BI is the 3rd product within the Power Platform. With Power BI you can present data in amazing looking graphs. Within the dashboard users can drill down into the data and filter the data to focus on the information that they are interested in.

Power Virtual Agents is the low code bot creation for your organisation. Do you have processes that require automated responses that could be dealt with using a bot? This is the product that you want to try out.

microsoft power platform

Together these tools form the Power Platform and more importantly they form the platform that you can use to replace all those manual, paper based or cumbersome business processes that you always wanted to optimize.

How to start with the Power Platform?

The Power Platform is a low code platform, however that doesn’t mean that it is always easy to get started. Beginning with the Power Platform can be difficult, and the initial learning curve can be slow.

If you need any expert help to get your organisation into the world of superpower then please contact HybrIT today or register for one of our Power in a Day sessions!

HybrIT deliver a wide range of Power Platform Services through our experts such as Pieter Veenstra, who operates a more comprehensive blog called SharePains.


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