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Microsoft Teams has now reached 44 Million Active Users, plus they are announcing new features

Microsoft Teams has now reached 44 Million Active Users, plus they are announcing new features coming soon. This short post highlights some of these new features, and as a Microsoft Partner with a large number of competencies, we are busier than ever helping our customers to adopt Teams, including our bespoke Teams Voice Service.

As the product reaches its 3rd anniversary, Microsoft has been busy getting some great new features ready. However, it’s no surprise they have also been busy trying to accommodate the 12 million new users in the past week or so, embracing their leading product to enable remote / home working, due to the COVID-19 outbreak and strong Government advice.

Now operating at around 44 million active users worldwide, Microsoft has announced we will see these features become available in 2020:

  • Real-time noise suppression. This feature minimises background noises from a vacuum cleaner to loud typing on PC keyboards.

  • Raise hand. This new feature allows remote workers to send a visual signal when they have something to say, without being distracting.

  • RealWear headset integration. Teams now integrates with this Android-based Augmented Reality (AR) headset so that first-line workers can communicate and collaborate using hands-free with remote experts.

  • Bookings app in Teams. Microsoft’s Bookings app is now available in Teams, making it easy to schedule, manage, and conduct online meetings with an individual inside and outside your organisation.

  • Pop-out chats. Coming soon, chats can appear in separate pop-out windows so you can move more easily between different conversations.

  • Offline and low-bandwidth support. Teams will allow you to access your chats and write responses even when you’re offline.

  • New Teams-compatible devices. New partner devices have been certified for use with Teams, including the Yealink VC210, which provides a meeting experience for smaller conference rooms, and the Bose Noise Cancelling headphone 700 UC, which will be available for purchase in “late spring.”

HybrIT currently offer a bespoke Microsoft Teams Voice Calling service, starting from just £3.25 per user per month. HybrIT can quickly enable all calls to be directed through the Teams app, working completely seamlessly across the rest of your Microsoft Office 365 estate.

If you want to unlock further features such as the ability to make phone calls in Teams, please contact our team and a Microsoft Expert will discuss your requirement.


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