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Microsoft Teams and Enghouse Contact Centre - a Powerful Combination

In today's fast-paced business environment, organisations need to have a seamless and efficient communication system in place to meet the demands of their customers and internal teams. Microsoft Teams is a popular collaboration platform that has gained significant traction among businesses of all sizes. However, in order to offer top-notch customer service and enhance the overall communication experience, many organisations have also started implementing Enghouse Contact Centre solutions. Combining Microsoft Teams and Enghouse Contact Centre can provide organisations with a powerful unified communications solution that meets their communication needs. In this blog post, we will explore why Microsoft Teams and Enghouse Contact Centre are the perfect combination for organisations, and how HybrIT, with its vast experience and expertise, can help organisations architect, deliver and support this powerful solution.

Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one collaboration platform that offers messaging, voice and video conferencing, file sharing, and other features that make it easy for teams to work together from anywhere. It has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, particularly due to the shift to remote work brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Teams provides a seamless communication experience and enhances team collaboration, making it a go-to solution for many organisations.

On the other hand, Enghouse Contact Centre solutions are designed to help organisations deliver exceptional customer service by providing efficient call routing, queuing, and management tools. Enghouse solutions enable businesses to efficiently manage their call centre operations, while ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. When combined with Microsoft Teams, Enghouse Contact Centre solutions can further enhance the overall communication experience, ensuring that customers receive prompt and efficient service.

One of the key advantages of combining Microsoft Teams and Enghouse Contact Centre is the ability to provide a single platform for all communication needs. This means that organisations can leverage the collaboration features of Teams, while also providing their customers with a seamless and efficient communication experience. With Enghouse Contact Centre, organisations can route customer calls to the right agents, manage their call queues, and provide personalised service to their customers, all from within Teams. This integration ensures that both internal and external communication needs are met seamlessly, without the need to switch between different applications or platforms.

Another key advantage of combining Microsoft Teams and Enghouse Contact Centre is the ability to offer a more flexible and cost-effective communication solution. Enghouse Contact Centre solutions can be integrated with a wide range of telephony platforms, allowing organisations to leverage their existing investments in telephony infrastructure. By using Teams Direct Routing (such as Teams Voice-as-a-Service), organisations can also bypass Microsoft's calling plans and leverage their own telephony infrastructure to make and receive calls, leading to significant cost savings. This flexibility allows organisations to tailor their communication solutions to their specific needs, rather than being limited by the offerings of a single provider.

One of the main benefits of working with HybrIT is their vast experience and expertise in architecting, delivering, and supporting Microsoft Teams and Enghouse Contact Centre solutions. HybrIT has worked with clients across various sectors and helped them implement powerful communication solutions that meet their specific needs. With a team of certified experts, HybrIT can help organisations architect and deliver a Microsoft Teams and Enghouse Contact Centre solution that is tailored to their unique requirements.

Why should an organisation consider implementing a Contact Centre into their Voice Platform?

Implementing a contact centre into an organisation's voice platform can offer numerous benefits for both the organisation and its customers. Here are some common use cases for an organisation implementing a contact centre:

  • Efficient call routing: By implementing a contact centre solution, organisations can route customer calls to the most appropriate agent or team. This ensures that customers are connected with the right person who can address their queries or concerns quickly and efficiently. The use of advanced call routing algorithms can also help reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Personalised customer service: Contact centre solutions enable organisations to collect and store customer data, including past interactions and purchase history. This information can be used to provide personalised service to customers, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and retention.

  • Improved agent productivity: Contact centre solutions provide agents with the tools they need to handle customer calls efficiently. This includes features like call scripting, real-time analytics, and automated call distribution. These tools can help agents handle more calls in less time, leading to increased productivity and better customer service.

  • Increased visibility into call centre operations: Contact centre solutions offer real-time analytics and reporting features that provide organisations with visibility into call centre operations. This data can be used to track call volumes, agent performance, and customer satisfaction metrics, allowing organisations to make informed decisions about staffing and resource allocation.

  • Cost savings: Implementing a contact centre solution can lead to significant cost savings for organisations. By using advanced call routing algorithms and automated call distribution, organisations can reduce the number of agents required to handle customer calls. Additionally, by providing customers with self-service options, organisations can reduce the number of calls handled by agents, further reducing costs.

  • Multichannel communication: Contact centre solutions offer multichannel communication options, allowing customers to reach out to organisations via phone, email, chat, and social media. This provides customers with more options to communicate with organisations, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Implementing a contact centre into an organisation's voice platform can lead to improved customer satisfaction, increased agent productivity, and cost savings. By leveraging advanced call routing algorithms, automated call distribution, and real-time analytics, organisations can provide customers with personalised service and improve their overall communication experience.

HybrIT are UC Experts

HybrIT can help organisations evaluate their existing telephony infrastructure and determine the most suitable integration strategy for their Enghouse Contact Centre solution. They can also help organisations choose the right Enghouse Contact Centre solution and configure it to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. Additionally, HybrIT can provide ongoing support and maintenance services, ensuring that the solution remains reliable and meets the evolving needs of the organisation.

Microsoft Teams and Enghouse Contact Centre are the perfect combination for organisations that want to provide seamless and efficient communication experiences to their internal teams and customers.

Contact HybrIT’s UC Practice for more details via our contact us page.


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