Power Automate

Power Automate, is the workflow tool in the Power Platform that help you build your business processes by combining flow steps.

Why Power Automate and HybrIT?

To get started with Power Automate is easy, creating a flow within the Power Automate UI is just a matter of adding steps and to build your business logic, however to build a well performing flow is an art.

Our leading expert and Microsoft MVP Pieter Veenstra and Author of SharePains, has built many flows for HybrIT’s clients.

Have you ever wondered about how to implement a Capex process with 12 levels of approvals?

Are you struggling to deal with flows that overload your SharePoint Online environment?

Do your flows not perform? Some of the improvements we have made reduced flow runs from 15 minutes down to 10 seconds.

Do you feel the pressure to migrate from SharePoint 2010 workflows as they will soon retire?

There can be many reasons to get started with Power Automate. What is your reason? Let us know and we can see if we can help you with your implementation of your processes.

How to get started with Power Automate?

When you just need a bit of help or if you just can’t figure out how to get that business-critical flow to perform faster? Please feel free to contact HybrIT. We are happy to help you.

Have you considered booking a slot for our next Flow in a Day session?

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Introduction to the Power Platform

If you need any expert help to get your organisation into the world of superpower then please contact HybrIT today or register for one of our Power in a Day sessions!

HybrIT deliver a wide range of Power Platform Services through our experts such as Pieter Veenstra, who operates a more comprehensive blog called SharePains.

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