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Power Virtual Agent

Power Virtual Agent, is the youngest of the 4 Power Platform products.

Why Power Virtual agent and HybrIT?

With Power Virtual Agent you can create a bot without any code and before you know it you have implemented a customer service process without the need for any staff member to deal with the standard questions.

power virtual agent

Once the standard part of a process has been completed, either a staff member can continue the conversation with your clients, or the process may already be completed and your client is happy as they didn’t need to wait for someone to become available.

How to get started with Power Virtual Agent?

You can log in to and create your first bot there. Do you need any help then please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to get you started.

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If you need any expert help to get your organisation into the world of superpower then please contact HybrIT today or register for one of our Power in a Day sessions!

HybrIT deliver a wide range of Power Platform Services through our experts such as Pieter Veenstra, who operates a more comprehensive blog called SharePains.


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